Dear members,
Welcome to spring, the start of warmer weather, and (hopefully) some productive fishing. Whilst we are still under circuit-breaker restrictions, I wanted to provide you with some important updates concerning the Rhyll-Phillip Island Angling Club (RPIAC).
Following the conclusion of the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM), the committee has been elected and comprises the following members:
President: Albert Abram
Treasurer: David Fusinato
Vice Presidents: Norm Trickey and Sam Orr
Secretary: Jill Trickey
Committee Members:
Michael Crump, Russell Gallagher, Paul Ledwith, Daniel McCausland, Len Petch, Peter Rowan, and Ron Soolsma.
Many thanks to all the previous committee members and this year’s nominees, for their devotion and proactive service to the club. On behalf of all members, I would like to acknowledge and thank Michael Toovey for his many years of service on the committee and the wisdom he has shared.
Moving forward, we look forward to our members engaging with our club as restrictions ease, particularly the resumption of angling competitions and social gatherings. We recently received the long-awaited RPIAC fishing shirts, designed in collaboration with Phillip Island Marine and the CSIRO. Members who have pre-ordered these will be contacted to arrange pick up or delivery, otherwise they can be picked-up at the club room when we reopen. The fishing shirts can also be viewed and/or purchased at Phillip Island Marine.
The Rhyll Boat Ramp has reopened, and I encourage our members to check the Boating Victoria Rhyll webcams, so they can monitor activity at the boat ramp and connect with anglers that they recognise. It’s only a matter of time before the fish come back to the local area, so timely updates will be helpful for all enthusiasts.
The webcams also show aspects of the ongoing construction activities adjacent to RPIAC. Detailed information, which has been available since late April, is on the Bass Coast Shire Council’s website under the heading “Rhyll Boating Facility Upgrade The Plans”. Please review the information provided and if you cannot find the answers to your questions or have issues that need to be addressed, I encourage you to reach out to the contacts provided.
Now that we can reconvene the committee meetings we are optimistic that we can revisit our plans, particularly with easing of COVID restrictions. Stay tuned for updates concerning the announcement of club champions, presentation of awards, commencement of the 2021/2022 angling competition and reopening of the angling club.
Finally, many thanks to our sponsors, volunteers, members, and the committee for the support, enthusiasm, and hard work over the last year. Everyone’s involvement continues to make the club a fantastic venue and I look forward to the company of members and friends at the angling club.
Have fun, stay safe and I wish you good fishing!
President: Albert Abram