Angling Competition 16-17th October

With no time to wait and no venue for weight, the second Rhyll-Phillip Island Angling Club (RPIAC)
angling competition for the 2021/2022 season was held over the weekend of the 16th / 17th
October. Again, with the RPIAC weigh-in room closed, the competition was conducted using the
COVID Safe format where anglers submitted photographs of catches instead, showing the total
length and the weekend’s code-word (“HIGHLAND”). With a helping hand from the Victorian
Fisheries Authority (VFA) all the RPIAC eligible species were included, and Fisheries Research data
was used to convert each fish length to an estimated total weight. The weight estimates were used
to determine the weekend’s competition winners.
Thankfully regional Victorians are able take part in outdoor recreational activities like fishing
although the weather dictates the participation and success. Whilst Saturday was sub-optimal the
conditions improved to fantastic, just as the competition’s closing time of 5:30 pm on Sunday
approached. The Weigh-in Masters, Russ Gallagher and Norm Trickey received entries for 25 fish,
including the usual variety of species. King George whiting were the most common, whilst snapper,
barracouta, salmon, pike, and mackerel were out and about.
The Squidgies competition, for budding anglers aged 9 or younger, had some worthy mixed bags for
the weekend competition. Zachary Gomm entered 2 fish worth 40 points (King George whiting and
snapper) to finish in second place. The reigning Squidgie Club Champion, Denver Firth, entered 3
fish (barracouta, mackerel and KG whiting) worth 50 points to secure first place. The Junior
Competition, for anglers aged 10 to 16, was a win-win situation for Kate McCausland. Kate won the
Junior Weight and Junior Points competitions after catching a salmon with an estimated weight of
770 grams (41 cm), and a King George whiting worth 672 points (estimated weight 240 grams, 34
cm), respectively.
The Senior Heaviest Weight contests were won by Steve Bland, for an impressive snapper with an
estimated weight of 4338 grams (71.5 cm), and Carrianne Peatey, for a splendid snapper with an
estimated weight of 1249 grams (45 cm). The Senior Points competitions were won by Pat Gleeson
and Heidi McCausland, for some wandering salmon worth 1822 points (estimated weight 1822
grams, 55 cm), and 886 points (estimated weight 886 grams, 43 cm), respectively. The Senior Shark
competition was uncontested, whilst Sam Orr was closest to the mark for the Secret Weight
competition (secret weight 353 grams) for a smiling mackerel with an estimated weight of 316 grams
(31.5 cm).
Special thanks to the team at VFA, for their valued assistance, and well-done to all the angling
members and supporters who made it possible to continue with the angling competition. The next
competition is scheduled to occur on the weekend of 6 th / 7 th of November 2021. For further
information about the club and competitions please visit the website:

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