COVID Safe Restricted Competition Rules

Covid Safe Restricted Competition Guidelines (29/9/2021)

  • Members will be sent an email from the RPIAC to confirm if the upcoming weekend competition will be conducted as a ‘Covid Safe Restricted’ competition or a ‘normal fishing’ competition.  The Covid restricted angling competitions will be based on the length of each eligible fish species caught and weighed in by anglers.
  • If a covid safe restricted completion is declared, Anglers will be provided with a ‘COVID code’.  All fish caught over the competition weekend will be recorded by the individual anglers in length only.  Anglers will be required to provide a quality clear photograph of their fish resting on a ruler, measuring tape, sticker etc., clearly showing the length.
  •  Seniors and Juniors (10 to 16 y.o) can enter two fish (each a different species) and designate one of their fish for weight and one for points, as per our normal weigh in guidelines.  This information will be sent by the individual angler to the RPIAC weigh in masters via SMS or Email.
  • The RPIAC weigh in masters will acknowledge receipt of the fish received via SMS or email from the angler, and based on Fisheries Research data will use the fisheries ‘Fish Length to Weight Conversion’ calculator to determine and record against the individual angler the weight and subsequent points of their nominated fish.
  • The number of eligible species for Seniors and Juniors (10 to 16 y.o.) will be reduced to 10 RPIAC recognised species – Bream, Flathead, Garfish, King George Whiting, Mackerel (2 types: Yellowtail scad & “other” Mackerel), Salmon, Snapper, Tailor, and Trevally.
  • The Shark category will be decided on total length of the shark nose to tail, however the partial length must be 60 cm or greater, as per our normal competition guidelines.
  • The derived weight and points will be used to award prizes for “weight” and “points”, as per our normal competition guidelines and will contribute towards determination of the 2021/2022 Club Champions.
  • The winners of the competitions will be notified and results will be published on the RPIAC website.
  • Squidgies (9 y.o. and under) can enter 1 fish per species for each competition weekend, and the winner will be determined by aggregate total fish length.  Separate photos of each fish species caught clearly showing individual lengths will need to be sent.

Mandatory Photograph requirements:

  • Your photograph must be submitted prior to 5:30 PM on the Sunday of the competition weekend, by email to the Weigh In Master:, or SMS to 0413034701.
  • The email and TXT must include:
    • The Anglers name
    • The species and your respective nomination for weight or points
    • The estimate length observed by the Angler, the length to be measured from nose to tip of upper tail fin, as it lies.
  • The fish must be positioned with the head facing left on a measuring device (e.g. Victorian Fisheries Authority Fish Length Ruler, or tape measure) on a flat surface.
  • The entire fish, nose to tail, “COVID code” and fish length must be clearly visible in the photograph.  If necessary, a second image can be supplied to provide a clearer image of fish length.
  • If a fish is of a greater length than the ruler, then an overall picture must be taken showing the ruler starting at the tip of the nose, where the ruler finishes (1) and how far away the tip of the tail is from the first position of the ruler.  A second close up photo needs to be taken of the first ruler position 1 to clearly show the initial partial length.  The ruler is then moved to the position where ruler one finished and a partial length 2 is determined.  Repeat this process moving towards the tail until you have a final measurement.  Add all the total measurements together and submit your estimate along with photos.

If an image does not meet the mandatory photograph requirements, it will  be deemed not legal entry, and will be disqualified.

The Weigh in Masters Judgment of length, based on photographic evidence provided is final.

If weight or points is not nominated, then the first fish received will be recorded as weight and the second as points.