Competition Rules and Regulations

  •  Angling Competition Rules and Regulations 2018/19(Amended August 2018)


    Rules:  General

    • All members, unless exempted under the ‘Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide’ must have a current Victorian fishing license.
    • Any member wishing to weigh in a fish in a club event must also be a financial member of the RPIAC prior to catching and weighing in any fish.
    • All eligible fish/sharks weighed in for competition weekends must be caught within the boundaries of map AUS 150 – Western Port (on display in Club Rooms) GPS Co-ordinates North Lat 38 11.90 S, South Lat 38 38.40 S, East Long 145 36.09 E, West Long 144 42.83 E.
    • 365 Competition fish must be caught in Victorian salt waters. Note: all fresh water fish are ineligible.
    • All fishing anomalies will be managed by the weigh in master and /or club captain
    • The weigh in master and/or club captain from time to time may elect to mark fish that are weighed in on a particular club event, by snipping the end of the fish’s tail.
    • Any member found guilty of an infringement of the Victorian Parks and Fishing regulations or a serious breach of the RPIAC Rules and Regulations will be penalised in accordance with our constitution and will be ineligible for run for club champion.

    Rules:  Monthly Competitions

    • All fish weighed in for club events must be defined as ‘eligible’. Eligible fish and the RPIAC legal size limits are clearly defined in the ‘Eligible fish &sizes, points, units and 365day eligibility’ table, which is part of the RPIAC inc. Angling Competition Rules and Regulations.
    • All eligible fish, excepts for sharks, must be weighed in whole, not gutted, gilled or scaled and must be caught using a legal fishing line, not speared or netted.
    • All sharks must be gilled and gutted prior to weigh in. Eligible sharks are as per the ‘Eligible fish &sizes, points, units and 365 day eligibility’ table, which is part of the RPIAC inc. Angling Competition Rules and Regulation and must be caught using a legal fishing line, not speared or netted.
    • All fish weighed in must be weighed in by the person who caught the fish. Where possible, fish should be weighed in on the day of capture.
    • Seniors and Juniors (10 to 16 y.o)Two fish may be weighed in for each competition weekend, one for weight and one for points, however they must be of two different species.
    • Squidgy’s (9 y.o. and under)- All fish as defined in the “Eligible fish & sizes, points, units and 365 eligibility table may be entered, limited to 1 fish per species for each competition weekend.
    • Plus one eligible shark may also be weighed in by Seniors or Juniors.
    • Fish weighed in by Seniors for ‘Point’s and ‘Weight’ categories where they did not win another category (i.e ‘Points’, ‘Weight’ or ‘Shark’) are eligible for the secret weight prize.
    • Fish entered in monthly competitions must be caught during the designated competition weekend from Friday 12:00 midnight to 5pm Sunday. Fish can be weighed in on Saturday and Sunday from 4:30pm – 5:30pm.
    • All fish caught and weighed in on competition weekends will be automatically eligible and entered in the 365day competition.

    Rules:  365 Day Competitions

    • Eligible species for Seniors and Juniors as stated in the RPIAC in Rules and Regulations, may be caught on any day or night of the competition year. Eligible species not entered and weighed in on Competition Weekends must be weighed in on registered scales using a 356day weigh in ticket or equivalent. Tickets MUST clearly state your name, the current date, type of fish caught, weight in both words and grams, area caught and carry the official signature and stamp of the business owner or weigh in representative, or else fish may be disqualified.
    • Fish other than eligible fish may also be weighed in as from time to time the RPIAC may elect to present additional trophies such as ‘unusual catch’, ‘outstanding catch’
    • It is the responsibility of the angler to place the correctly completed 365day ticket in the designated ‘365 day competition box’ which is held at the Angling club rooms
Rhyll Phillip Island Angling Club Inc – Competition Rules and Regulations
(Amended August 2018) Eligible Fish & Sizes, Points, Units and 365 eligability
SENIORS/JUNIORS All Eligible for 365 Day Comp SQUIDGIE’S
Eligible Fish              Species Fish   Size POINT Units / 10 Grams WEIGHT Units/ 1 Gram Eligible Fish POINTS  Per Fish
Bream 28cm 18 1 Yes 15
Couta 40cm 10 1 Yes 15
Flathead 30cm 15 1 Yes 20
Garfish 25cm 65 1 Yes 15
KingFish 60cm 2 0.5 No N/A
Leather Jacket 30cm 14 1 Yes 10
Luderick 28cm 30 1 Yes 10
Macherel – All 30cm 14 1 Yes 15
Mullet – All 28cm 28 1 Yes 10
Mulloway 60cm 2 0.5 No N/A
Perch 28cm 18 1 Yes 15
Pike 40cm 10 1 Yes 10
Salmon 30cm 10 1 Yes 15
Snapper < 40cm 30cm 10 1 Yes 20
Snapper => 40cm 40cm 3 0.5 Yes 20
Sweep 28cm 25 1 Yes 10
Tailor 28cm 25 1 Yes 10
Trevalley 28cm 14 1 Yes 15
Whiting – King George 30cm 28 1 Yes 20
Whiting – Sand 25cm 60 1 Yes 20
Whiting – Stranger/Grass 25cm 40 1 Yes 20
Shark – School/Gummy 60cm 1 n/a No N/A
All Other Species 60cm 0.5 n/a No N/A