April 6-7th Competition

It was appropriate to turn back time for the 11th 2018/2019 Rhyll Phillip Island Angling Club fishing competition held over the 6th and 7th of April.  Indeed, the end of daylight savings and the mild autumn conditions had many enthusiasts pondering whether they should have stayed, moved or tried something different.  Without doubt, the most impressive feat for the weekend was Isabella Bland’s domination of the competition, demonstrating her enviable skill to peers.  Whilst the size of eligible species continued to impress, anglers presented a total of 39 fish and 1 shark to the weigh-in masters to tally, as the end of this season approaches.  The post competition presentation at the clubroom was celebrated by participants, members, friends, family and visitors.

Denver Firth continued to intimidate our finned friends, weighing in 4 fish totalling 75 points, to win the Squidgie Mixed Bag Points competition.   Displaying enthusiasm and determination not to return empty-handed, Ryan Brett presented a respectable Flathead for 20 points and was the Squidgie’s runner-up .

A Trevally of 795 grams was delighted to sample a tasty delight, but Isabella Bland made it accountable, retrieving it from the water to win the Junior Weight competition.  With a similar appetite and ignoring temptation, a King George whiting worth 1,078 points (385 grams) had the opportunity to discuss bygones.  Again, Isabella Bland showed the bait aficionado to the weigh in master, winning the Junior Points competition.

Duncan Firth revealed an interesting creature lurking beneath the surface, a monster Pike weighing 1,935 grams, to win the Senior Heaviest Weight Competition.  Jill Trickey plucked a King George whiting from the water by the lips, also winning the Senior Heaviest Weight competition with her 320-gram catch.  The Senior Points competition was a tale of two tails, the first belonging to a Flathead worth 1,477.5 points (965 grams), weighed in by Rick DiFuccio.  The second belonged to a King George whiting worth 1,078 points (385 grams), weighed in by Debra Orr.  Continuing her streak of success, Isabella Bland won the Senior Shark competition, presenting a Gummy Shark weighing 1,460 grams to the weigh-in room.  With fingers crossed and clearly learning from Isabella, Steve Bland was spent after a fight with a 155-gram Flathead. The act of participation and the luck of the draw was the formula for Steve’s success, crowned the winner the Secret Weight competition (secret weight 141 grams).

The final competition for the 2018/2019 season will be held over the weekend of 4th/5th of May 2019.  For further information about the club and competitions please visit the website:  www.rpiac.com

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