RPIAC Competition Results 19th / 20th March, 2022

It was a fairy-tale weekend for the 9th Rhyll-Phillip Island Angling Club (RPIAC) angling competition, held over the 19th and 20th of March.  Indeed, the weather was magical, there was a bounty of fish, and the clubrooms were graced by royalty, storytellers, and a jester-or-two.

With weigh-in starting at 4:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday, there were many opportunities to hear fishing tales told first-hand, including secrets that revealed the weekend’s hotspots and the best techniques.  Facts were generally mixed with a grain of salt and a pinch of humour to deliver some lively laughter.  Certainly, the tips offered opportunities for contemplation and possibilities for future success.  A total of 41 fish and 2 gummy sharks were presented for weigh-in, with the autumn bonanza including yellowtail kingfish, snapper, King George whiting, trevally, couta, flathead, mackerel, and leather jackets.

At the conclusion of the competition on Sunday afternoon, anglers and supporters were greeted with the barbecue aroma of sizzling sausages.  The royal chef for the weekend, Ron Soolsma, ensured that aficionados could sample the delights wrapped in white slices, supplied by Bakers Delight Cowes.  The post-competition presentation awarded Phillip Island Marine vouchers to all who were crowned victorious.

The Squidgie Mixed Bag Points competition, for participants aged 9 and under, was dominated by the reigning Squidgie Champion, Denver Firth.  Denver presented a regal total of 7 fish worth 120 points and was delighted with his prize for first place.

The Junior competition, for anglers aged 10 to 16, congratulated Isabella Bland and Pheonix Firth for their stately catches. Isabella weighed-in a feisty Pinkie Snapper of 540 grams to win the Junior Weight competition, whilst Pheonix presented a princely King George whiting worth 1232 points (440 grams) to win the Junior Points competition.

The Senior Heaviest Weight competitions were won by Pat Gleeson and Kate Jinette.  Pat was king for the weekend after bringing a 3605-gram yellowtail kingfish to the clubrooms, the first of the season, which impressed all onlookers.  Kate persisted throughout the weekend and was royally flushed that her 925-gram pinkie snapper was the best in class.  The Senior Points competitions were all won with King George whiting and Duncan Firth had the grandest of the weekend, which was worth 1792 points (640 grams).  Tenille Preddice and Anne-Marie Richards could not be separated in the competition, each weighing-in a majestic 445-gram King George whiting to tie in first place.  The Senior Shark competition was also won by Duncan Firth, who fortunately had an iced attaché case big enough to deliver a 7365-gram gummy shark to weigh-in.  The Secret Weight prize was awarded to Garry Richards for his 420-gram King George whiting that was closest to the weekend’s magic number (secret weight 421 grams).

With one more fishing competition remaining in the season, the odds of claiming an RPIAC Extraordinary Catch Incentive are fading.  Each competition weekend has angling members mindful of the $1000 first-to-catch prizes for eligible species that equal or exceed the nominated weight, none of these have been claimed this season, and some possibilities remain: King George Whiting (1000 grams), Snapper (10.0 kilograms), Gummy Shark (20.0 kilograms), Mulloway (25.0 kilograms) and Kingfish (25.0 kilograms).

The RPIAC clubroom is located adjacent to the Rhyll boat ramp and is open to members and visitors on Fridays (from 5 pm) and competition weekends coinciding with weigh in.  The final angling competition for the 2021/2022 season will be held over the weekend of the 9th / 10th April 2022, where the Squidgie and Junior Club Champions will be announced.  For further information about the club, events, competitions, and rules, please visit the website:  www.rpiac.com

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